Sunday, April 08, 2012

Proof That The Journey Gym Works

Ten weeks ago I started a new workout routine. In those 70 days I have shared some of my thoughts about my new Journey Gym, and some of my activities during the Journey Gym 70-Day Challenge. 

At the half-way mark I wrote that a small weight gain did not tell the whole story. A week later I shared that my youngest son had said, "Wow Dad, You Have Definition." Two weeks ago, a co-worker who is four years younger than me asked, "how do you stay in such good shape?" Recently, TLOML has told me several times that she likes the look of my biceps and deltoids. And last week I slipped into size 34 jeans.

Today I offer additional proof that it is important to track more than your weight. At the half-way mark of The Challenge, my weight was at 213, almost four pounds more than when I started the 70-Day Challenge. The good news was that I had lost a total of four inches on my body. Gain four pounds, but lose four inches? My body was telling me to monitor the balance between carbs, fat and protein more closely. Thank goodness for the nutrition info on food packaging and the tools at MyFitnessPal.Com. I made adjustments to my diet by adding more carbs and making sure I ate several times a day. The good news is that I lost those four pounds. The more exciting news is that I gained four total inches. It's exciting because of where I gained it. An inch gain on both biceps. An inch gain on both forearms. That's the result of the resistance bands on the Journey Gym. Lost another inch around the waist with small increases in calf and chest size. The result is what you see in the picture - me showing off for Cheryl, TLOML.

When I introduced rule #6 - Work It Out As You Go, I told you what Cheryl said she wanted for Christmas in 2010 - biceps. She finally has them. This afternoon we are going to celebrate. I am going to put on my black 34" Wrangler jeans and take her to a movie. Would you like to celebrate the same kind of life renewal? Quit thinking about it and start doing it!

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Steven B said...

Get some Doc !!

Arun Pandey said...

Good going Doc !! :-)

Robin DesCamp said...

You look awesome! I can truly relate to the pounds lost v. inches lost conundrum. Our 70 day challenge wrapped up last night, and I only lost a few pounds. But I lost 14.5 inches!!! 5 alone off my waist!

The journey gym has truly changed my body. My arms finally have definition and my legs are getting very cut. And I have abs! Me!!!

Love your blog. I will be posting tomorrow about the difference between heavy and fat. Don't forget to check in and leave a comment!