Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wow Dad, You Have Definition

Bicep Exercise on Day 2 of Journey Gym Challenge
If you follow us on Facebook, you know that last Saturday Cheryl and I went to the South Florida Renaissance Fair. After about five hours of walking around and having fun in our village squire and wench outfits we came home. But no rest. Saturday is my day to go shopping. Off to Publix I go and an hour later I take ten bags of groceries out of the trunk and carry to the house - in one trip. Yep, one trip. Easy to do when you work out.
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About the same time I started to the car, our youngest son pulled into the driveway and watched me. After putting the fruit of my labor away, I moved to the office, otherwise known as poolside, to enjoy a short rest on a very warm day. Sean comes out to the pool and says, "Flex for me." So, I did. He then tells me that he had noticed that I have some real definition in my arms. Good thing. Cheryl wanted biceps for Christmas. I knew that she meant December of 2010. Well, Santa was late with that delivery. Be he has delivered.

If you are just now finding this blog that might not sound impressive. But go look at the fat guy in the red shirt on the first post of 2012 - http://docdevore.blogspot.com/2012/01/2011-journey-to-new-life.html. In fact, you can compare the photo above to not just the guy in the red shift, but to the guy in the white shirt in December and see a change in muscle tone. Today is halfway for me on the 70 Day Journey Gym Challenge. I think the biceps have improved in three months. The JourneyGym has given me a new way to continue my 18-month habit. Cheryl, TLOML, kind of likes the new look.

Lesson for you? Don't give up. Remember my simple rules. 1 - Eat Right. 2 - Exercise. By the way, it is also working for my friend Duane McClinton; he's lost more than 20 pounds in the last two months. You can do it, too.

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