Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Scales Don't Tell The Whole Story

Last week I gained weight. Is that a big deal? No. Why? Because I know the rest of the story. I know that there are other things to measure besides weight. Yes, it is important to measure weight. You need to have a regular weigh-in each week. And you need to write it down. For example, you can find my weight measurements on MyFitnessPal.com/docdevore and also at Bodybuilding.com. When I first started this journey in October of 2010, I was only tracking my weight. Within a few weeks I read Tim Ferris' book, The Four Hour Body, and realized I needed to measure even more. Above you can see a snippet from the spreadsheet I keep on Google Docs. Look closely and you will see why I am not concerned that I gained some weight in the last 10 days. Actually, I am somewhat pleased because I now know that the JourneyGym 70 Day Challenge is paying off with more muscle mass. Muscle weighs more which is shown by the fact that in the three weeks between the last two complete body measurements, my overall stats did not increase significantly. My goal seems realistic and you are part of the success. You are  The Missing Letter in SMART Goals - accountability. If you need help setting goals, read Timo Kiander's article. For a copy of Tim's book, visit our sponsor at Buy.Com by clicking this link.

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BTW, I am still looking for some old photos or scrapbooks from times when we might have been together in the same place at the same time, please send them to me privately by clicking this email link for photos@blogs.docdevore.com. Please! With sugar on it?. Trust me - they won't end up here unless you give me permission.

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fdevore said...

Muscle doesn't technically weight more...it's just more dense :) lol 1 pound of fat can take up as much space as 3 pounds of muscle.