Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Don't Have to Have Fancy Scales or Know BMI to Lose Weight

BMI = Body Mass Index. You have probably heard of that one. Regrettably I report that my BMI still says that I am overweight. According to the calculation, I should weigh nine pounds less than I do today. Am I stressed about that? Not in the least because my body fat percentage is now down to 15.2% which means the percentage of muscle in my body has gone up. YEAH!

That is really exciting for me. One year ago my body fat reading was at a whopping 37%. Go ahead; you can say it. I was fat. Neither one of us needed me to get on the scales to figure that out. Just look at the picture of me at the top of the page; the one with fly rod in hand looking more like a whale than a trout fisherman. Seeing the photo didn't get me to change. It was two years later when I saw how GREAT Cheryl looked after losing 80 pounds that I finally started doing something about it. BMI and other three letter abbreviations did not factor into the decision and they did not factor into the plan to do something about it. What I am trying to explain to you is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW MUCH MORE THAN TWO RULES - EAT RIGHT. EXERCISE. More to the point is that you need to eat a little less and you need to exercise more. I can't tell you how many calories or how much exercise. Knowing your BMI will only help you set a goal. Knowing your body, and having some knowledge about BMR will help you decide what date to put next to that goal. You should probably talk to an expert, including your doctor. And before you start any serious weight training, talk to an expert trainer like Monica. BUT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU ARE DOING TODAY. Even if all you do is start recording your weight every day, or writing down your waist size once a week, or quit drinking soda pop, or throw away the salty snacks or sugary comfort foods. Don't get me wrong; I am not suggesting any of those things FOR YOU. But I am saying that what I finally accepted was the fact that I was fat, and did not want to be fat. More important, I wanted to change my lifestyle so that I would never be fat again. You can lose weight fast on a crash diet. And just as quickly put it back on. Been there, done that. I wanted a new healthier life. I wanted to feel like I did when I was in my 20s. I wanted to look as good as my beautiful wife. And be able to enjoy being 60+.

This morning I showed Cheryl how to use the new scales. We talked about the various readings it tells us. It is nice to know that her body age is 34, which I have been telling her for some time. She looks marvelous. You can also look great. And you don't need the scales with bio-impedance scanners to get there (but you can get the same ones at  It is nice to know that a year ago my BMI was 38.1 and today it's so much lower. For my friends at, you will want to know that my body fat percentage has dropped two points during the first six weeks of the 70 day challenge. Thank you.

Chery and I are about to head to the beach to enjoy our new skinnier selves. Have fun today!

Eat Right. Exercise. Get Plenty of Rest.

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