Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do you have the original? Or a good copy? You fitness plan depends on it!

A picture of my loving mother, my beautiful partner and fitness encourager, and my son-in-law. Yes, that is Michael back in 2005. The picture is fuzzy; it's a photo I took a few days ago of the mousepad made from the original. Just like Star Trek: The Experience, the original photo is no more.

BUT, if you have a copy, I would sure love to have it. Maybe you have it tucked away somewhere on an Internet Cloud.

Why am I asking you? Michael knows that I know Kevin Bacon. Seriously. So one day a long time ago in a galaxy far away... oops, wrong movie. Let's see if I remember; something about how he made a movie and there was Kevin Bacon and therefore Doc DeVore knows Kevin Bacon. My quick response is that he therefore alost personally knows Marion Mitchell Morrison, better known as The Duke, John Wayne.
You may know that we are both talking about the popular triva game, "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", based on "small world phenomenon" or the concept of "six degrees of separation." What does that have to do with how I lost 157 pounds in 15 months? EVERYTHING!
Simple really. When Cheryl helped me get started on the journey in October of 2010 I only knew two things about getting from where I was to where I wanted to be - eat right and exercise. Until I could become an expert, the only thing I knew was to eat sensible meals, and start walking. So I did. What I learned in the months that lay ahead was learned by connecting the dots in my network of friends. Today that network spans to Jay Freeman in California that I have never met, Monica Adams that taught me what muscle groups to work and how, and fellow sojourners all across the country on MyFitnessPal.com who knew things I didn't, and soon I learned I could help them with things that I had picked up along the way. In other words, I knew a friend, who knew a friend, who knew someone that had a copy of the photo above. Would you send it to me? Or at least point me in the right direction?
After you find who has my photo, go get one of my favorite Kevin Bacon movies.  Don't watch until you the corner and back - farther if you can.
Hey, the Journey Gym packages arrived from Dr. John. Yesterday we did our chores and did our first circuit. Great workout. More later, but allow us to introduce to you to DeVore's Journey Gym in Coral Springs, Florida.

Don't forget to watch one of these Kevin Bacon movies. Both are great!
One at the start of a journey. One marking the end.
Get the movie at Buy.ComDoc's favorite KB movie

OH, and if you have some thoughts you would rather not share publically, but just need a friend to listen, I would LOVE to listen to how YOU want to LIVE LIFE. Seriously!! Send me an email.

By the way, all the tools I use are free or cheap and can be yours. Watch for a future post.
Want your own Journey Gym. I can get you a deal if you click this link:
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Thanks for spending some time with me. 
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Okay, the legal stuff. Listen up.
I am not a doctor. I am not a certified trainer. I am not a professional body builder. I m in better shape and I do know a lot of stuff that those experts told me, but I don't have a paper that says so, and they haven't told me everything they know yet. Or as Uncle Buck said: "You should always consult a professional, like your doctor, before you begin any weight loss program, and you should ask an expert before you try some of the foods and exercise that Cheryl and Doc use." In other words, this blog contains my opinion on what might work and is for folks who are serious about changing their life. It should not be construed as anything more than what I found on my journey, and how I learned to use it. So you have now been warned: Do attempt the journey on your own without consulting a professional or gaining parental approval. And by the way, there is some other legal stuff on this page about who owns the trademarks and photos and copyright stuff. Most of what I have is not original, but the way I package it up IS, so be sure to read ALL of my rules. Here they are: All postings on my blogs are the opinions or thoughts by Floyd V. Doc DeVore and are protected by a Creative Commons license; all photos are the exclusive copyrighted property of Doc and any reuse, posting or alteration must be approved or licensed in a manner consistent with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at plus.google.com/108251433034379163350/aboutt. In other words, if you want to use, just ask me.

(wear sunscreen :)

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