Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I promise I’ll visit soon!

Yesterday evening I was doing my usual routine after dinner - logging my meal on MyFitnessPal.Com. It's a habit. Today marks 535 days in a row of tracking my eating and exercise using their many easy to use tools. You have no doubt read my rules and my belief that it is important that you measure something - rule #4.

I mention this for a couple of reasons. First is that you are my accountability partner. Each time you drop I want you to see a person that really practices what he preaches. You are one way that I obey my rule #10 - find a friend to share with.

And that leads to my main reason for writing this post. When I shared rule #10 back in January of this year many people took me up on my offer by asking me to be a friend on MyFitnessPal. To each one that asked I said yes. As each of my new friends recorded their progress I tried to add words of encouragement. Ten months later only a few of them have stayed consistently faithful to their new habit. Perhaps some found a different tool that works better for them. I hope so, but my experience says they have not. Occasionally I will see one of them logging for a couple of days, and then gone again.

Then there is Bill G. I met him in late Spring when he was at our office here in South Florida. He told me about his new found determination to lose weight. Each morning he was walking from his hotel to the office - about a one mile trip. We talked a little about my journey and his, I shared the link to this blog, and suggested MyFitnessPal. A few weeks later he started using it and has not missed a day in 135 days. In that time he has lost 46 more pounds; he's lost a lot more than that since starting his road to better health.

If your habits have taken you to a place you don't like, replace them with new ones. In just three weeks or so you set yourself on a new course; it becomes easy to do it every day, just like Bill and me.

Add me as a friend. Or leave a comment here on this blog. Or not. But remember at least the two basic rules for losing weight - EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE.

PS: the picture for this post comes for a blog I follow by Chantal who occasionally writes about her goal to get in shape. Her post this time is called "I Promise I'll Visit Soon." It gave me the idea for today's blog entry even though it is about a different theme. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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