Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Are What You Eat!

Starting the day with breakfast - the most important meal
You are where you are because of what you do. Not what you want to do, but what you really do. Bad habits got me fat. New habits got me back in shape. Only took a few weeks, days actually, and the results are amazing. I lost 157 pounds in 15 months by following two simple rules. Eat Right. Exercise. Another new habit I also developed was finding new encouragement to stay motivated, kind of a variation on Rule #10.  While on my daily lookout for ideas about eating right and exercising right, I ran across Habitspark Diet Foundations. Here is an excerpt from their blog:
Our first big priority is to establish regular meal times and adequate nutrition.  Think of a cow.  Cows eat all day long.  Why? It is so difficult to get nutrients from the food they eat (e.g. grass), that they need to eat throughout the day.  Although you are probably easily meeting your caloric needs, are you meeting your other nutrient needs?  Do you eat enough vegetables?  Enough fruits? Enough whole grains? Enough protein and fat?  If you don’t, no wonder your body is pushing you to eat more!
So, what will you have for breakfast tomorrow? Send me an email.

It's Valentine's Day. Did you pick up something for your sweetheart? Not yet you say? Better get something. Right after you have breakfast!

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