Sunday, February 19, 2012

Give Up On Those Resolutions! It Only Takes A Little Work!

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Growing up I worked hard. Dad was a forest ranger, so finding fun places to hike and fish and ride horses was not a problem. During the summers of my high school years in Mancos, Colorado and Powell, Wyoming I worked in the hay fields. In fact, I had a good reputation of being a good "stacker", which meant I could work all summer, stay in shape, and earn decent money for teenager. And then my dream job in radio came true and I found myself behind a desk. No big deal, right. Wrong. I kept up my habit of eating the amount of food you need when working in the field, or hiking a mountain. Wrong choice, because banging out words on a typewriter doesn't burn the same amount of calories. Over the last 50 years I have been up and down on weight, have tried more than one diet plan, several exercise routines, and yet in October, 2010 I tipped the scales at 367 pounds. I looked old and tired and decided to finally change my lifestyle. Seventeen months later and 157 pounds lighter I feel great. So, when I saw Sara's post earlier this week on it caught my eye. If you can make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight and stick to it, go for it. But my experience is the same as Sara, the Rocket Scientist - Give Up On Those Resolutions!

Or as Granddad used to say, "do what I mean, not what I say!"

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