Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eat Right: 50 Filling Foods That Are Good For You

Doc with TLOML, Summer 2008
Before we lost a combined 237 pounds

"What is your secret?" During 2011 that question came my way often. Understandable.  Often it would be followed with "what diet did you go on?"  My answer is still the same. I did not go on a diet. I changed my diet.  The result was losing 157 pounds in 15 months. And, just why do we use that word diet as if it should always be a verb? Is that the reason I failed before, because I used "diet" as a verb instead of a noun? Yes. Diet is what I eat. What I eat is my choice. Choices can be good or bad, positive or negative. In October of 2010 I decided to make smarter choices, healthier choices. YOU CAN DO THAT, TOO. It really is that simple; notice that I did not say easy. So, start making healthier choices. Today I thank my sister, Jackie, for sharing the iVillage blog where she found the article below by Arricca Sansone. Before you read it, jot this down. Eat Right AND Exercise.

Be sure to get some breakfast, and take a Clif Bar with you.
By the way, have your ordered your JourneyGym yet?

Oh, here's a more recent photo of TLOML and me taken earlier this week. If we can do it, so can you.

The Shameless and Legal Stuff
I am not a doctor. I am not a certified trainer. I am not a professional body builder. I m in better shape and I do know a lot of stuff that those experts told me, but I don't have a paper that says so, and they haven't told me everything they know yet. Or as Uncle Buck said: "You should always consult a professional, like your doctor, before you begin any weight loss program, and you should ask an expert before you try some of the foods and exercise that Cheryl and Doc use." In other words, this blog contains my opinion on what might work and is for folks who are serious about changing their life. It should not be construed as anything more than what I found on my journey, and how I learned to use it. So you have now been warned: Do attempt the journey on your own without consulting a professional or gaining parental approval. And by the way, there is some other legal stuff on this page about who owns the trademarks and photos and copyright stuff. Most of what I have is not original, but the way I package it up IS, so be sure to read ALL of my rules. 

Rules are simple. Eat Right. Exercise. Get Plenty of Rest. Let me know how you are doing!


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