Saturday, January 14, 2012

Question for You About Hash Tags

Or are they called Labels? Maybe folders? Or are they only tags?

Should it be spelled #hash #tag #rants, or #hashtagrants?  (strike that - #HashTagRants in CamelCase?) Or, are they REmarks in some batch file? Or comments in C#? Perhaps they are just memo fields. Does Normal 3 have anything to do with this? And are they data, or meta-data? And how do the rules for XML from W3C apply?

(sidebar: the photo to the left is from  a post by SAI on Business Insider on Dec 26; we'll come back to why it applies in a future post).

Which rule is this anyway? The answer, of course, would depend on the scope of use. The programmers know the answer to this question, so I am asking you, which one do you think is best?

Oh, sorry, I forgot to insert a Header Block Comment when I changed scope for this new topic. But, I think Ms. Biddle would agree that I understood the rule for composition. Anyway, back to my question:  I am asking which nomenclature should be used in the scope of this blog? It occurred to me - during my #rant about #LittleBlackCarWithoutMuffler WHO NEEDS TO BE MORE QUIET! - that which one to use and how to use it depends on scope. There must be a rule about that! Is it #497 or #674? Is there a rule? (note to self: check my Gibbs folder to see which tag he would apply, and re-read David Allen's book to see if this is what he meant about @context).

While I ponder this question of the butterfly effect, a little voice suggested that one could be used to describe cliques, and another how to organize reminders, and another for place marks, and that you could even use one of them for the virtual construct of linear process.

And then it dawned on me - one of them describes the Butterfly Effect, or Chaos Theory! Yep, I think that's the best way to describe how life just kind of happens, and knowing the rules is not as important as understanding the theory, and that was really what Mr. Khonke was trying to teach Kip and me in 1969 during chemistry class in first hour at Powell High School.

Maybe. Still not sure. Might be a problem with my linear thinking. Yeah, that's probably it. I think I'll check with the author while you check out which GPS HRM is best.

PS: The picture is of a surprise present from my bride, the love of my life, who  knew that I wanted a BlueTooth device to use with my app "JogKeeper" (sometimes "Runkeeper). We'll come back to that someday. Have a great one mosey down Ramblewood Boulevard.

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