Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catching Up on Your Weight Loss Questions

@LittleBlackCarWithNoMuffler it's two a.m. dude. quit making so much noise EVERY NIGHT #rant
   (hint: was @sleep now @wishIwas)

So, because it's Saturday morning, and I don't have to get up until the crack of noon, and because I am still pumped from a wonderful evening with the prettiest woman in the world, aka The Love of My Life, aka Cheryl DeVore. She's sleeping, I'm not. Bummer! No instant sleep pills. Thanks reading/writing/tweeting. Let me try to catch up to your 492 email messages this week. Some were tweets or text messages. Some were on Skype (you looked great today Mary). Quite a few on Windows Live. A few of you on Google+ (hint for Google - it's starting to catch on I think; call me for some ideas).
Speaking of Google+, I think Circles is much better than FB Friends. Way cooler to use. Simpler. Best paradigm for how we humans actually interact with each other.  (Yes, Travis, that is a future post). 
Just one more thing:  @BlueJay in backyard - don't you dare get up and start making noise at six like you did all week  (deep breath; continue)


@padm in Wyoming don't know book you mentioned. Mine not published yet. Did u find yours here?
Over a million books discounted everyday at!
@datm Missouri is it still hard to eat all your calories @mfp
@datm Missouri confession - I am over on calories I think but down a pound go figure Rule #37
@Jared young man you have it ask my friend BWeck (hey Brian, that shout out is for you dude)
@yourpalfal have you picked out your car yet?
@triplets are you coming to work today? Because CEO needs to get some rest (see first rant)
@Shelli might be able to get discount on #journeygym plz Skype me doc.devore. SOON!
@datashop need to talk @amazon cloud soon ping me @Skype #retirement_plan
@LittleBlackCarWithNoMuffler where do you go every four hours that you have to make that much noise? #rant
@Google+ better, but still a ways to go
@Richard Walters Thanks for explaining rule #2

@CONTACTLIST and other #shoutouts
@anyone has anyone seen my old friend John McKethan? #IMissMyOldFriend #Bridge #Powell
@rmc Evanston where is Doug Williams? #LifeLessonsLearned
@freedom how ya doin' Corey
@zach WTG young man you made mama proud
@sophia We LOVE the house
@Readers THANKS for the 86 cents.
@fastJack Nice post
@AOD - what a great day congrats team
@DavidB - nice job
@Lisset - had another idea
@M$$ - pretty good job on Windows 7; don't blow it on 8 okay?
@Safari - why are you still pretending #rant
@MKleinbach - are prayers working?
@DeanAbbot - God gave me a great idea for a post about you and me and two paths met in the woods but he's not finished dictating because I am slow on the translation sometimes.

Pics tmrw Gtg ttfn @GTD #inboxzero @bed #goodnight #dream #IHope

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