Thursday, January 12, 2012

How about this picture, honey? You look great in it?

Remember this: TrustMeOnTheSunscreen
Because I just told you everything you need to know
about Cheryl and Doc's Journey in 2011
The conversation, more like spirited discussion, was underway. You look great and she said that was not the one to show the two three rules and I want to brag about YOU and she said, but you can't use that picture. But you look so pretty and we are so cute as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Cheryl replies that she wasn't talking about that one. Don't show that, pointing one she says makes her look fat, but, honey, that is what I am trying to show. You don't look fat to me. [cue sfx: slap].

The discussion became a little more interesting as I pointed out how she had gone from beautiful to unbelievable gorgeous, and now she was the woman I had married and she laughed thinking about the reasons we got started on the journey and we point to one photo and another exchanging knowing smiles.

If you read any of those "rules of photography" yesterday you will see that the collage tells the story of how we transformed our bodies over a two year period to return to the happily married and carefree couple that we had always been.

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DeVo said...

Of course the picture with your favorite brother and his family is about you but still . . . happy birth anniversary Cheryl!

GTOFreak said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!