Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hmmm! Cake and Presents! Losing Weight, too!

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Pizza, Presents, Cake, Ice Cream - and lost another 2 pounds

We had a great day at the DeVore Home in South Florida. Nice sunny day! Woke  up at the crack of dawn to fix breakfast for my sweetheart. Bacon and eggs and waffles with syrup. Lots of syrup. No, that was her breakfast. I skipped the waffles. Kissed her after telling her a story about how much she meant to me during the journey that we call 2011.Kissed her again, headed to work on a bright, sunny day, glad that I was not battling traffic on 270 in Saint Louis.

Great day at the office. I mean just superb! Cheryl ordered pizza. Sexy Grandma had cake and ice cream waiting. We opened presents and then Cheryl went back to her evening activity as the high priestess or something or other of some realm somewhere.  :)  But, as she kissed me on the cheek and headed toward her laptop, she reminded me of three things.
  • Please look at how old her laptop has become
  • Valentine's Day is coming up
  • There's a big football game very soon.
Oh, and she said, remember rule #3 - get some rest, we're going out tomorrow night!  (woo hoo)

PS: Guess I need to get serious about this laptop thing. Seriously!? less than a month to shop for Valentine's Day? But, trust me, she's right about the TV screen. It ain't big enough for the big game :)
icon PPS:
I'll check these places out tomorrow. But feel free to get started without me!

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sdevoreWi said...

i can dibs on moms laptop.. hahah