Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before I Go to Sleep... one more thing.
A little over a year ago a friend and I met for a late night dinner. He was in town on other business and asked if I would join him. Knowing that he would probably not recognize me with a body 35 pounds lighter, I agreed to meet him in the lobby of his hotel at 8 p.m. He agreed and I made the drive to be there early and sit in the lobby.

My guess was correct - he walked past me about three times before he said, "Doc, is that you?" We will save the rest of that story for another day, but during dinner conversation about how I had lost weight, he asked if I had every heard of Journey Gym. Fast forward to last week, when another friend calls to ask my opinion on something about marketing, and toward the end asks if I had ever heard  of Journey Gym. My reply surprised her; it was the third time. What was the second? When I interview for my current position with my awesome company I learned that they were that very day finishing off their small fitness center for any employee to use and one of the pieces of equipment was something called "JourneyGym."

Fast forward one more week to the same friend I met a year ago. He said that he had been following my journey to a new life during 2011. (Be sure to read that to understand what he asked me next?)

"Would you consider being a spokesman, or maybe talking about us on your blog, because you obviously understand the commitment and the hard work it takes to make your journey?"

Now it's time to practice rule #3 - get some sleep. But, trust me when I say, it's not about the rules, it's about the journey. Cheryl and I are excited about ours.

PS: Tomorrow is her birthday. Shhh. Don't say anything, but tomorrow's blog is all about how special SHE is and what she has accomplished.

Hear what John Friess, founder, has to say, and then get some sleep!
And don't forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

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