Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doc's (Occasional) Rambles: Here's Your Sign 2011 Version

The Original 2006 Post

Doc's (Occasional) Rambles: Here's Your Sign

Cheryl and Doc were thrilled when the Cardinals went on a roll near the end of the 2011 MLB Season. We could finally re-join the rest of Cardinal Nation from way down here in SoBe, aka Ramblewood Blvd, and watch some REAL baseball. What a bonus! The year I started this blog was the last time they won the Series. For Cheryl and me, the 2011 Series Win was simply part of the year long celebration tour; what we call, "2011-Journey To A New Life." ™

As the words come together for what will be the last post of January 22nd, 2012, we wonder what kind of celebration awaits us next year! We are so looking forward to learning what Rule #22™ does to get us those ripped six-pack abs in just 5 to 15 minutes a day. Dr. John, thank you for the phone call. We are excited to be part of YOUR journey as well.

NO SWEAT WORKOUT - 5 MIN. from journey gym on Vimeo.

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