Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily Goal: A Second Shower

Tropical Storm Debbie might over in the Gulf, but it's outer bands have been dropping lots of rain here in South Florida. Lots of rain. So much that my daily workout routine has been disrupted a little bit. But there are always ways to get in some cardio and some exercise. The Journey Gym is under the patio roof. Swimming in light rain is still good; I mean after all, when you're swimming laps what difference does it make if it's raining? And there's the Elliptical machine. Each of them took turns helping with the daily workout over the last several days, but none of them were getting the grass mowed, so the lawn was starting to look a little shaggy. Finally this evening was an opportunity to fire up the lawn mower and cut the grass and cut some carbs. How many calories can I burn today? Strap on the blue tooth heart rate monitor, buckle the Timex Ironman watch to my wrist and get after it. Quickly - it likes its going to rain again and soon.

Thirty-six minutes later I put the mower away. As I head for the shower, I glance at the watch which says I have burned 323 calories. Haven't had dinner yet, but Cheryl will appreciate my presence a little more if I shower first. And then it comes to me - a daily goal for fitness.

Do something every day that requires a second daily shower.

Eat Right. Exercise. Get Plenty of Rest.

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