Monday, February 06, 2012

Losing Weight is ALL about CHOICES!

Which way are you going as you seek the perfect tool for losing weight? Is this the door to the shower? Or to the fitness center? Does that door open the secretes of rule #1, rule #2, or something else?

There is no secret tool! Most people don't want to hear that losing weight and getting in shape is simple - eat right and exercise. Yes, they believe you when you tell them how you did it, but, "What diet program, or exercise book did you buy?" I did not do either. After posing with Marilyn Monroe I decided that the door could be either in or out. Which direction depended on a choice that I would make every day.

Yes, I did buy some books, and yes, I did finally develop an exercise program for me, with Monica's help. And, yes, today I have already logged my calorie intake for breakfast, lunch, and the morning snack with the help of the MyFitnessPal app for my Android phone and Apple iPad. But those tools only work if I go the correct direction at this door. Because as it turns out, that door opens both the shower, the gym and the fitness center. Really, it does. Where I arrive depends on which way I go. That's a story for another day.

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Frustrated with Chinese Drywall said...

I have a theory about this door.... I think that our company personal trainer sneaks in here in the mornings to disable the elevator and prop open the back door so that we are forced to climb 3 flights of stairs!! :-)

Well, maybe I'm just a tad-bit paranoid. :-)