Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Word from Our Sponsor...

Save 15% on TRX + Free Shipping. Use Code TRXLIVECheryl asked me tonight where her  new  laptop is. I told her you would help out.

(when you come back, be sure to read the earlier blogs today. C'mon now, you need to catch up).

First post today is here. Be sure to read it next.

(Ps: you are doing pretty good, but $10.13 is not quite enough).

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Frustrated with Chinese Drywall said...

Actually, the TRX is pretty cool. We have one here at our gym at AOD Software. It looks really simplistic, but it actually is very powerful in terms of building up muscle and toning. You can do just about any exercise on it.

I recommend (although I really don't like doing triceps with it, but that's just a personal preference).