Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Great Pictures — 10 Factors That Make A Photograph “Great”

My bride demonstrates the basics of
photography with her Canon. Trust me:
She is better than I am with my T2i

Making Great Pictures — 10 Factors That Make A Photograph “Great”

(and this one too) http://www.steves-digicams.com/knowledge-center/the-rules-of-photography.html#b

Yes, I could write this, or as Julie N. and Robin N. frequently ask me, "is there anything you have NOT done?"
(Please let me keep stringing them along - they think I'm Santa Claus, too." Jeremy and Justin know better. Sean knows for sure.

Anyway, I thought of this blog while looking up a web site that would explain one of the 1,237 stories I told the boys this week. All of them were true, but the names and the locations may have been altered to protect the innoncent.  Ahem.  That is to protect me and my beautiful lady with the camera - Cheryl.  <3

So go read these excellent blogs on how to use your disposable camera to get fantastic photos. (bloggers, shush. You and I know that's really not the title content, but then we both know that is what you said.  :) Both great pieces. Come back here later. Or never. Just remember who told you that you have to know the rules before you know which ones you can break while losing weight and getting in shape. Rule #1. Eat Right.

That's all I really understood on October first two thousand ten. Eat breakfast. What kind of breakfast? I had no idea, so I quickly jumped to the real rule #1 - Mom told me to eat bacon and eggs and toast and said it's the most important meal of the day. Where do you think Jack got that line, anyway?

I didn't know rule #2 until my wife told me a week later what she wanted for Christmas. Now that should be a book that SHE should write.

(PS: There will be two blog posts today and this was the introduction, be sure to read the next one. But you have time. No hurry. Go read those. And then do me a favor and come back here and click this link because I still don't have enough pennies to buy Cheryl's laptop and she's hinting that Lisset has a better camera than I do and she wants one like it.)

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(PPS: Does that help a little GTOFreak?)

Like I always say, Trust Me On The Sun Screen)


Frustrated with Chinese Drywall said...


Cheryl should know.... it's not the camera, it's the photographer behind the camera that counts! :-)

GTOFreak said...
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GTOFreak said...

It helps some. But I absolutely HATE breakfast. I'm a 'grab and apple or piece of fruit and walk out the door' guy. When I'm 'eating healthy' that is. When not eating healthy I skip breakfast all together. Besides, I detest eggs. I can only tolerate them when smothered with cheese and salsa or ketchup. If a protein shake and a piece of fruit is not enough I guess I can get up earlier and make something more substantial. (Guess you have to set up your account before you try to post) ;)