Monday, January 16, 2012

Rule #7: Take Time Off

The CEO reminded me that we're closed today. "We are?" was my chilly reply from the office by the pool. The CEO was standing inside, where it's warm"Yes, TOMORROW you can check to see if anyone left a penny. Turn out the lights and lock up. By the way, you should quietly post the picture explaining your comment on yesterday's post. Just don't wake up the EIC!"

"Look Honey what I Just Bought"
(I was just kidding; hope TLOML laughs at it tonight)

Can't stay, but I did find a nice cover for the heater below on the right! More tomorrow. Cheryl and I are headed to the movies. Tomorrow I plan to check out that leather jacket for her and hope she sees my hint. :)

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sdevoreWi said...

you should get those lengthytall pyramid things.. they had those down at miami bitch a night. so cool.

fdevore said...

miami bitch?? lol I guess you mean beach ;) I thought for a second that you really had a motorcycle! lol You guys are moving so fast down there I can't keep up!

sdevoreWi said...

lol yeah.. beach... lol hahaha