Monday, January 16, 2012

RULE #2: Ten Point Seven Miles in 13.2 Minutes! WOW. You Need to Read This One!

The photo collection here is a summary of a wonderul day. Started with God explaining Genesis 1:1 to me. He's been trying to do that for years; He says I might be on the verge of understanding. Whew! He told me we could talk about it tomorrow. I thanked Him and said I had some home work, a report on how I spent my day.

There it is. Take a moment to study the photos because I am tired after going 10.1 miles today. [sfx: sound of easy breathing] Ready for me to continue?

Thanks for letting me catch my breath. First a postscript to yesterday's post. I hope it only took you 7 minutes or less eat the post because Rule #1, although simple, is hard. The Parable of the Posting means that publishing was easy. Writing it, editing, proofing, running it by the EIC and TLOML, the exec team, getting the photos arranged, and getting the sales team to secure the necessary and appropriate advertising was a lot harder. It took seven hours plus or minus to make the press deadline, barely. My CMO says I was late; I think the team delivered on time. Thank goodness for the Internet; at least we didn't have a real "print deadline."

That's the introduction. In the coming days we'll share the story of all those photos, but today, I was really focused on rule #2. Cheryl surprised me just before Christmas with a Timex Ironman Triathalon Watch. WOW! Really? Yes, really! Today was the first day of trials to test the setup. I took it for a run.  Literally. And some walking. And some driving. Emphasis on the driving.

This cool device has heart rate monitor, GPS navigation, route tracking, triathalon training, USB links to my own training calendar, and ability to automatically Tweet my accomplishment while simultaneously posting a status update to Facebook. My first post on FB includes the phrase, "trial and error." The trial had lots of errors, but most rollouts of an alpha level project have errors. Tomorrow we'll debug what went wrong. Today I can report that the almost two hours of cardio and conversation and strength conditioning were fun. There's the simplicity of rule #2. Hard work, but fun.

Now the cold hard facts. That's supposed to be a funny lead-in according to my CMO, Jeremy Ferkel. When I asked the CFO, his brother, "Can I have a heater for my office just like the one I found at the store today?" Continuing, I explained, "My cardio involved running through the isles to test out the CMO's new line of running shoes while doing practical things, like grocery shopping."  He said it was okay with him if I could figure out how to pay for it. Hmm. Same thing TLOML said.

In the picture above you see two of my four offices. My preference is the one by the pool. Here in South Florida it has turned cold; well, colder than I like. In one of the other pictures you see me in another office - the formal living room. Not because it was quiet or spacious or had WiFi. No! It was warm inside IF the sweater stayed on. Cleverly placed by those two photos is what I have requistioned - a space heater for my office by the pool. The exec team has been told that I would be more productive if I was happy, and they said something about bottom line. So I sent my assistant back to them to suggest that I can't type in cold weather which makes my revenue per employee go down significantly. That's when someone handed me the old sweater they found in my "Wyoming Cowboy" closet.

So, I turn to you. Do you suppose you could find one and buy it? I'll pay you back. When you do, just Skype me at doc.devore and leave a message. I'll call back with where to wire money and give you delivery instructions.

GTG GTD because my hands are still cold. Talk to you tomorrow. Be prepared to let me know how you did with your rules today. As for me, I only burned about 327 calories in those two hours, and ate only about 1937 calories +/-. 
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Here are some links to where you can find the one I want, and the one I want costs about $200 I think. If you find it, I'll tell the EIC it only cost $59, okay? [wink] Oh, the other place helps me think warm thoughts. Because I WILL need a new swimming suit before the real beach season starts in a couple of weeks. Please let me know which one you think I would look good in!

Good night from Ramblewood! (Or should I say G'Day? Time on the Internet is confusing to me. Keep telling the CIO that it's pointless to have these deadlines because the Internet is eternal and has no end.

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Doc said...

After showing TLOML today's post, she said, "you did what?" Then I noticed she was looking at the photo of my purchase over the weekend. I would say more, but she said that tomorrow I have to explain why the COB told the CEO he was an SOB and muttered something about "when you reprise Zero Mostel," raising her voice ever so slightly as she closed her laptop lid. "Only the roles will be reversed, and God will be on the roof yelling at you."

Then she go to bed. Don't tell her I came in here to write this.