Monday, January 09, 2012

Cheryl, WoW, Laptops, Skype and Weight Loss

"What do you mean Cheryl won't let you buy Skype credits?
Cheryl plays World of Warcraft. Really good at it, too. She's some high this or that and a guild master of something or other.

I want Skype, and a Harley, and a lesson in Photoshop. And, a pony, too. Long term what I really want is for you to read and reflect on my blog posts and leave me comments and we can have some great discussions, but, did I mention that Cheryl wants a new computer (back to the WoW thing)?

I'll settle for Skype and the new computer, but you have to do your part. Send me a penny! Well, not you personally. Just visit the blog every day, click on one of the ads down there or over there on the side and Google will send me a penny on your behalf. Isn't that cool? I need you to do it every day. And ask your friends to do it every day. Why?

So, to explain why I spent money on Skype, I told her it was so she could have a new computer. She didn't really believe me, but before she could say anything, I slipped away to my laptop and signed up for adSense, because I remembered that once upon a time Google told me that they would pay for Cheryl's new ultimate gaming device with lighted keyboard and Turtle Beach headsets and this really cool mouse for serious gamers. Well, maybe it wasn't them. Could have been one of my friends on Google+. Or FB. Maybe it was Facebook, not sure, but back to what your part is in my plan to pay for my Skype Acount (sorry, honey, I meant my plan to get your new laptop!)

WoW, I didn't know she could hear me typing this.

Anyway. I want the Harley. She wants the laptop! And you know you want that thing they are advertising over there. Might even be for a free bottle of sunscreen if you try their weight loss program. Or their how to get rich thing. Heck, you don't have to buy anything. Just click on it so I can get the penny!  :) And I need you to do it everyday, because last week when I told Cheryl I would have her new laptop by today, I thought I would have had earned more than the $0.72.

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If you have a blog and want a penny (thanks for yours BTW), learn how you can a penny from me by reading

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And, thanks for your penny!  :)
Now, leave me a comment or two!!

PS: The picture above was taken by the aforementioned Guild Master, and all around wonderful wife, Cheryl DeVore. And we were really talking about hunting alligators. Might be a post for another day.  :) 

But, trust me on the sun screen!


GTOFreak said...

But I don't want to know about a Kingston Solid State drive. ;) Enjoy your penny.

Doc said...

LOL. But, you might like the blue tooth headset! :)

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Made my day!

fdevore said...

Just so you know. I clicked on the ad and I bought a bluetooth headset for James. You're welcome...or should I say thanks? ;)

Doc said...

Thank you for your penny!