Friday, January 27, 2012

Bikini Lady Lounging, Hollywood Beach, 1985 (Flickr knows Rule #3)

Reminds me of our day at the beach with TLOML, Cheryl DeVore.

It was a great day. Here's just a snippet of the day. Bookmark this page, or not. We'll be right here with more photos of a great day, January 21, 2012. They look pretty, but wait till you see my wife in the video on my YouTube Channel.

Now the legal stuff. I am not a doctor. I am not a certified trainer. I am not a professional body builder. I m in better shape and I do know a lot of stuff that those experts told me, but I don't have a paper that says so, and they haven't told me everything they know yet.  Or as Uncle Buck said:  "You should always consult a professional, like your doctor, before you begin any weight loss program, and you should ask an expert before you try some of the foods and exercise that Cheryl and Doc use." In other words, this blog contains my opinion on what might work and is for folks who are serious about changing their life. It should not be construed as anything more than what I found on my journey, and how I learned to use it. So you have now been warned:  Do attempt the journey on your own without consulting a professional or gaining parental approval. And by the way, there is some other legal stuff on this page about who owns the trademarks and photos and copyright stuff. Most of what I have is not original, but the way I package it up IS, so be sure to read ALL of my rules.

Now that we have that out of the way, Trust Me - you can START NOW by obeying rule #1.

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