Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Keep It Interesting

Avoid Boredom.

Although I do some kind of exercise every day, I really don't have a set routine.  Some folks will think that is terrible, and others will be surprised, and some of you are asking why I bring it up. I mention it because I suspect I am not the only one that gets bored with routine. And if I get bored I tend to lose my commitment.  To avoid that, I try to have some variety in my workouts and my diet.

Add Variety

What others do to stay fit interests me a great deal, so I read a lot - other blogs, Google+ posts, YouTube fitness channels, and even the articles that are behind some of my favorite Pinterest pins. I also subscribe to several "news" feeds using Feedly.  Last year Cheryl asked for some Kettle bells for a Christmas present, and I got her a set and some workout videos to go with them.  When she said that didn't like any of the videos, I searched YouTube and discovered FitnessBlender. They not only have kettle bell routines, but many other full workouts.  I subscribed to their channel, and soon after began using Cheryl's kettle bells on a regular basis.  Last week there was a new video posted, which you can see on their YouTube Channel.. After watching it, I told Cheryl that I was sure this was going to kick my butt.  I was right.  For the next two days I was sore in new places.  Like the old Wyoming cowboy that I am, however, I got back up on that horse two days later and the soreness the next day was not as bad.  This morning it was still hard, but I am not nearly as sore.

Eliminating Excuses.

In the last week my exercise has included not just the kettle bells, but also elliptical, my swimming pool, and my bicycle. Oh, yeah, and the yard work; I mow my own lawn, unlike many of my neighbors. Having a variety of ways to exercise helps me eliminate excuses.  After a long day at the office it would be easy to use "it's raining" as a reason to not go for a run, walk the half-mile to my gym, or ride the bike. Knowing that I have an elliptical on the porch, a JourneyGym in the bedroom, and a spare room with kettle bells takes that and other excuses away. Add to that the collection of apps on my Android phone and on my iPad including several easy to follow body-weight routines, and there really is no excuse.  There can still be a fun workout, even if it wasn't what I had hoped for that day.

Lifestyle - Not Routine

Each day I know that I am going to eat sensibly and do some kind of workout. I am committed to that as a lifestyle choice. By faithfully using the MyFitnessPal tools - I have their app on my phone, my iPad and desktop computer - I monitor what both what I eat and what I burn through exercise. Easy for me to know when to eat more (or less), and when to workout a little more to make up for that business lunch. Because I am not on a set diet or exercise plan, it is easy to have variety and yet stay focused on this fitness journey.

Find Your Own Variety

Over the next few weeks I hope to share some of the ideas from the many articles I have been reading. I have several "queued" up for editing and posting. Topics like

  • Habits of People Who Lost Weight
  • Anti-aging Secret You Can Start Anytime
  • Least Effective Exercises
  • Is Clean Eating a Myth?

In the meantime, let me share links to some of the articles that gave me the ideas for today's post. Enjoy!

Be sure to eat some breakfast, and take a Clif Bar with you.

Eat Right. Exercise. Get Plenty of Rest.

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