Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uncle Buck's Playpen - How To Start Losing Weight

Rule #22 for me is Motivation to Look Like That Again

Understand the Power and Beauty of Your Youth
All these snapshots were taken by me in the early 80's. Looking back I understand rule #22 - enjoy the power and beauty of your youth, because when you're old and quit doing all that activity but forget to adjust the calorie intake accordingly, well, you get fat. BUT YOU CAN GET IT BACK. Look at one of those pictures in YOUR PHOTO ALBUM. That's what I did. I did not really set out to lost 157 pounds - my goal was to look the same as I did in a picture holding my 23 year old daughter when she was only a few weeks old. Pardon me, but I was a hunk. I popped said TLOML, Cheryl. You need to look like that again. Rule 22 is really REMEMBER the power and beauty of your youth and set out on a journey to find that self again. I did it. So can you! BUT YOU HAVE TO SET A GOAL. You will crawl at first, then walk and before you know it, you will be running a marathon. ONLY IF START NOW!

[Hey that little kid in the blue jacket is our rock star son. Really! Take a peak at him in a post next week, but right now go buy some of his music from Buy.Com]

Now, start studying up on the rules. There WILL be a test sooner than you think!
As you listen to this 1997 Commencement Address, look through your photo album, or ours; don't worry. We won't go anywhere. Come back when you are ready.

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sdevoreWi said...

when mikey is older we all need to go to the cabin agian.

dougmilford said...

OK- Doc- It's a new day. You're inspiring me from 1000 miles away. Time to get busy living my resolutions. I appreciate your motivation!

Congrats and Happy New Year.

DeVo said...

Have been fighting a viral infections-common cold-so have driven to work the past two days. Boy do I miss that 1.1 mile walk one way!

fdevore said...

Yeah, that would be awesome!!! It would be awesome to take James out there too. Btw, why does it cost almost 70 dollars to buy Jason's CD from lol

Doc said...


that's because your brother is famous and this is a collection of a LOT of stuff not just 12:34

Authority Zero is that cool because your brother Jason DeVore is that amazing.

Doc said...


How about next August?

Ruth DeVore said...

Where are the numbers between rule #9 and # 22??? Up the White River in Colorado is a very good place to start losing weight. Get out. Hike. Go fishing. See God's world!! And the last is the best. Ruth DeVore- YLM