Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rule #6: Work It Out As You Go

Losing weight is simple. Seriously, it's simple. It is why my sister and TLOML think it's a math problem. And, it's why I say it's just a matter of a Balance Transfer, and "trust me" on this: AOD GETS GTD GTG. And my friends at MFP call it BMR - base metabolic rate, which is why both my sister and I are correct, but why AOD GETS GTD GTG.

When I discuss with my software developer friends, they explain as being a simple ITTT logic puzzle - if that then this. Simple stuff really. David Allen called it knowing your @context and what action to take next to get closer to your goal. All I knew when I lose some weight is that I could probably start by eating right. Seemed logical to me. Calories in, calories out. Didn't have time to exercise, but I could cut back the calories. Wow, rule #1. Simple.  And it worked! With new confidence, in mid-November of 2010, I asked Cheryl what she wanted for Christmas that year. Her answer was also simple, "biceps."  So I added rule #2, Exercise. Still seemed like "if I want that, then do this." If wanted to go from good to great (GTD), then go find the barbells Cheryl had been using because I knew what she looked like after loosing 80 pounds; "fine, mighty fine."

Now, later I will tell you what my friends at MFP call it using things like BMR, BMI, Burn Rate, and other tools, including an app for my Droid. I learned that not only did I understand it my simple way, eat right and exercise, I also learned why my sister and my wife are also correct. I also learned that there are other ways to do both, and then someone told me about Journey Gym. I didn't know enough the first time Berry told more than a year ago, or PK told me three months ago, but when Dr. John called I learned that I could take Rule #2 to a whole new level in 2012 - GET RIPPED and look as good as TLOML. Guess what?

He called me this week, and after we chatted about how simple it is, he told me he was going to send me a couple of Journey Gyms - one for me and one for Cheryl and we are getting pumped because we are going to get a simple tool to get ripped. SIMPLE. That's the essence of every rule you will read about. Eat right and exercise. We'll explore those rules as 2012 goes along, and we promise to share our progress and things we learn. And we will also tell you about Rule #9.  Sorry, no time for that tonight. Got to do #3 so I can be rested - WOO HOO! Cheryl, I can't wait! Let's go check out Dr. John's videos. This is going to be simple fun to getting ripped with the world's first truly portable universal gym..... TTUL

PS: go check it out and come back here and leave me a note (that's a comment; just click the button down there, okay. GTG GTD GTG!  (Trust me on the sunscreen; it is that simple) HEY YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO START WITHOUT ME!  :-)

PPS: Dr. John's blog has a great article on why New Resolutions usually don't work. Check it out.


DeVo said...

I know I am right but I don't remember talking math with you! And when you talk of balance-well that is chemical equilibrium AND I know we haven't talked chemistry . . . So I am not the sister you are talking about!

FastJack said...

Well, Devo...maybe he was reading between the lines of what you were saying....since you are a math wizard and it oozes out of a good way of course!

Doc said...

fastjack, thanks for explaining it better than I did yesterday to the greeter at Walmart. Wes thought I was crazy, but Nick the Barber told him to listen, because Doc knows what he's saying when he told you (Wes) that 1+2+3+6=7