Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rule #3 For Losing Weight and Getting In Shape

Yes, I am proud of you for remembering that there are only two rules. Cheryl only told me the first one 14 months ago. Eat right. Today she reminded me of rule three because she just wanted me to return to normal programming now that the triplets were now just one, our very bright son, Sean.

"Huh, " I said with a groggy and puzzled look, the result of a weekend with the triplets, that any person would have in sleep deprived state of stupor.

Rule #3 is sleep. That's it. Get eight hours of rest. Every day. Scientifically proven to help you lose weight. Believe me when I said, honey, you're brilliant. Right now I can't recall the verse from Proverbs that says so, and went to bed.

Four hours later, after a quick shower, quick breakfast (rule #1) and a cup of coffee (my rule #92), Cheryl snapped this photo as proof. Because the shower was quick and did not quite bring me to life, she was not ready with the quick breakfast. "I'll just lay here and get a couple nods in while the eggs scramble."

It was when I awoke to the click/beep of my DROID Global camera, hearing a voice say something like you have to go to work now, silly boy, that Cheryl told me she had proof of why four hours is not enough. Today you need to concentrate on rule #3. "When you get home, leave me alone, go to bed." When I asked what about rule #2, she referred me to rule #3.

I am sure that this post could be / should be proof read and it needs links to the sources, and so on, and I didn't have time on my lunch break to write this, and I'm still tired, so here'sthe daily deal from Buy.Com. Ihavenotidea what it is. Just click, come back later, and tell me what it was. I now I don't remember  why, but maybe  after some sleep......
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PS: There's really only one rule, but, first some sleep. Have fun over at Buy.Com.


Doc said...

Honey, now that I am awake, and see what you typed (got to change my password hehe), you and I have to talk about rule #4 tonight.

fdevore said... lost me there, how many rules?? Lol ;)

Doc said...


Isn't that what Tony keeps asking Gibbs?

sdevoreWi said...


sdevoreWi said...