Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Mean, Who Uses a Smart Phone to make phone calls any more?

Seriously! This is the first time I picked it up today except to snap the sun rising out of the Atlantic at 7:09 this morning. A few minutes ago I told Cheryl,  the love of my life, that I needed to catch up with friends and make my next play in the 20 Words with Friends games I have going.   After I check Google+, Linkedin, and Facebook. In that order!

Why that order, and why the third post of the day? Because before I did any of that, I logged my dinner on MyFitnessPal, ate it, and THEN logged back into my computer at the AOD SOFTWARE office to jot down the notes from the three conference calls to manage my top four projects, and prepare for tomorrow's management meeting. And Google, Linkedin and Facebook had no part in any of that. Why? Because I needed tools that would actually work.

Apple, Hamachi, Microsoft Windows 7, Skype, PocketCloud, and RoyalTS just plain work. Which is a really good thing since I was working from home in my robe so no one would wonder if I coughed germs onto their keyboard. Webcams should be standard equipment. And they are for me and the people I worked with today. BTW, they weren't in the office either because they live in Texas, Oregon and just down the street. And we all depend on companies that "get the cloud" at the GTD level.

Now the reason for the post. Pay attention G, LI, FB. when your spiders crawl through my Blog tonight, you need to call me to ask why I said these things. You might miss the point tonight because your Moble Bloggr app lacks an easy way to enter the meta-data tags that your Old School Tron like crawlers look for. So,  when you finally read this, call me. But two things. Use Skype and eat right.


Julie Natzke said...

You skyped in your robe on a business call??? Really???

Doc said...

Hi, Julie. Well I did take the robe off and put on a casual shirt before turning on the webcam. :)