Sunday, November 25, 2012

Forget about getting skinny

Both photos were taken on Florida beaches, and both were taken by Cheryl, the love of my life. The fat guy on the left was in the Tampa area back in 2008. The skinnier dude on the right was seen on Deerfield Beach last month. The difference in weight is 162 pounds. The loss was accomplished without a special diet or program. The fat me simply started eating breakfast, packing some snacks and lunch to the office, and walking every day. That was the entire program. No calorie counting. No exercise plan. Just eating regular sensible meals and doing some kind of physical activity every day.

Over time I did learn a lot about the food I was eating, and how to make sure my daily diet was balanced. About 25% protein, 55% carbs, and the rest as good fats. I found, which has tools to help track what I was eating and how many calories I was burning through exercise. It helped me calculate my BMR and set realistic goals. BUT, and please trust me on this, I didn't start that way, and neither do you. Just decide to change your life and eat right and exercise. Use a piece of paper to track your weight about once a week. Once in while take your waist measurement. If you want to do more, click "The Tools" link at the top of this page.

DO NOT WAIT TO BECOME AN EXPERT. JUST DO IT!  That is your take-away today; if you don't like how you look today, then start living each day differently. Eat Right! Exercise! The weight WILL take care of itself.

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