Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two Years Later 160 Pounds Lighter

This morning Cheryl and I met old friends, Steve and Donna Kistler, for breakfast. We do this about twice a year when we visit our family in Las Vegas. This time it was our new grand daughter, Vivienne, that was the main reason for being in Nevada. When we make it this far west we try to catch up on life's journeys with two of the people that have meant a lot through the years. Earlier this year we began talking about staging a retake of the photo made in July of 2010. Last night Steve reminded me that we would find someone to snap a picture, and he remembered the order of our position in the one taken two years ago. We imposed on our waitress to use first Steve's Nikon and then my Canon to document the visit. With photos safely captured on our digital cards, Steve said, "be sure to post that on the blog to show the difference." Two years later Steve, Donna and Cheryl look pretty much the same. Thankfully I now look so  much better, and all because of the regular habit of eating right and exercise.

My breakfast? Corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, hash browns and one slice of sourdough bread. Probably the same as two years ago. But after breakfast and when Steve had left for work, I went for a 30 minute walk.

There's no secret to losing weight, or maintaining a good fitness level. Eat right. Exercise.

Be sure to eat breakfast, and take Clif Bar with you.


sdevoreWi said...

Wow, sweet comparison picture. Amazing

Doc said...

Thanks, Sean.