Monday, January 02, 2012

What A Great Start....

This morning came a pleasant surprise. 215.

From Me

That's the first weigh-in of the new year. I smiled to see that I was back to the weight of two weeks ago, and still at my goal. During 2011, I lost 152 pounds. Did not diet. No program. Just common sense - eat right and exercise. I'll post more during the year about last year's journey. For now, take it as a reason to get started yourself. Forget the New Year's Resolution stuff. I didn't set one then and I won't this year either. Instead, do what I do - make your mind to get back to where you should be.

Of course, I need a new goal. I'll see you at the gym, that is, unless you only made a 2012 Resolution. Otherwise it will just be us serious folks come March of 2012.

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