Monday, January 02, 2012

What A Great Start....

This morning came a pleasant surprise. 215.

From Me

That's the first weigh-in of the new year. I smiled to see that I was back to the weight of two weeks ago, and still at my goal. During 2011, I lost 152 pounds. Did not diet. No program. Just common sense - eat right and exercise. I'll post more during the year about last year's journey. For now, take it as a reason to get started yourself. Forget the New Year's Resolution stuff. I didn't set one then and I won't this year either. Instead, do what I do - make your mind to get back to where you should be.

Of course, I need a new goal. I'll see you at the gym, that is, unless you only made a 2012 Resolution. Otherwise it will just be us serious folks come March of 2012.

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grw727rt said...

Doc, what a accomplishment and congratulations once again. A true motivation for anyone! Perhaps you should write a book on how it can be done with nothing but common sense! Gerry

grw727rt said...

Doc, congratulations once again on your great accomplishment, a true inspiration for many. Perhaps you should write a book on how you did this on nothing but hard work and common sense!! Gerry

James Taylor said...

Great to hear you are at your goal! It seems that I can't turn on the TV without seeing some hard body trying to sell me his lose weight quick tricks, or a diet program that will surely fail. All anyone has to do is make health conscious decisions and take the stairs more often!
Thanks for the motivation! I'd say it makes me want to go for a run... but I don't live in South Florida lol, but I'll definitely hit the treadmill tonight.
- James

Doc said...

UPDATE: Today's weigh-in was at 214.4. Unlike a lot of my friends, this is the second year in a row that I actually LOST weight during holiday carb loading season. :)

Unknown said...

Doc, as I said in the past, you are an inspiration. Not just in your recent accomplishments but in years in study group with you as well. (Yes, years, more than 1).
I only met Cheryl once and do not know her well, but I can tell she is as inspirational as you - whatever she said was very impactful. Congrats and good health to you.

Pete said...

Common Sense- Even I have that, you're really limiting my "excuse" options here, Doc.
Very Happy New Year to you. You deserve it.

Doc said...

Pete, thank you! Not sure I deserve it, but I sure am thankful for it. :)

Larry, you are too kind. I always learned from you.

And here's today's update. Down another pound at 214.8.