Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eat Right Means Nutritionally Smart: Seven Simple Ways to Eat Healthier (with Strawberry Orange Sorbet recipe)

A friend of mine, Anne Milford (@book_nurse), called the other day to talk about the transformation that Cheryl and I have made to our bodies, our life and our marriage. Near the end of our conversation, she asked me a question about counting calories, "did you always use" The answer - not at first, not until about 4 months after I started. What did I do first? Made my best educated guess about portion size by reading nutrition labels on EVERYTHING I ate. I didn't know then what BMI or BMR meant. I didn't even know how many calories I should eat. At least not for the first few weeks. But I read everything I could about nutrition. I researched each category to find out how many carbs, how much or how little fat, what kind of carbs, what kind of protein. Then about a year ago, while looking up the calories for some food I had eaten, I discovered MyFitnessPal.Com. Soon I discovered they had an app for my phone. It's easy to use, so I keep using it. Only missed one day of logging in the last 365. Back to the phone call with Anne.

About 30 minutes after we finished talking, I had pizza for lunch, and dutifully opened the MFP application on my iPad. After recording the slice of pizza and the salad I saw a question posted by a friend on MFP - "How many of you went over on your sugars regularly and still lost weight? Is this negotiable at all?" It is the kind of question I used to struggle with. Maybe you do, also. Here's my advice, for what it's worth. It's not just about the sugars, or the sodium or the protein. You have to balance with your daily exercise. Calories in. Calories out. Eat Right. Exercise. So, before you stress too much, do some reading. Here's a good blog post on nutrition. I have not tried the recipe, but I found the information to be very good.

 I Want To Lose Weight Fast: Nutritionally Smart: Seven Simple Ways to Eat Healthier (with Strawberry Orange Sorbet recipe)

Another good resource is Tim Ferris' book, "The Four Hour Body." Get a copy and at least read the first 4 chapters. You can get the hardback, paperback, audio, or eBook by clicking over to

OH, and if you have some old photos or scrapbooks from times when we might have been together in the same place at the same time, please send them to me privately by clicking this email link for  Please! With sugar on it?. Trust me - they won't end up here unless you give me permission.

Be sure to get some breakfast, and take Clif Bar with you.

Eat Right. Exercise. Get plenty of rest.

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