Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are You An IRONMAN? Why, yes, yes I am!

The Author - An Ironman :)
Cheryl, the love of my life, needed a break today. She did not get to lay out in the sun yesterday, which sounded like a hint to me. I am getting better at picking up on those things.  

With cameras in hand we headed down the turnpike and tried to catch up with our old friend Kendra before she boarded the Carnival Cruise Ship Velor. We were late, but took lots of pictures anyway. Toured downtown Miami looking for that Latin Ice Cream place that Jay Velasco told me about. Then to the beach. Virginia Key was packed, but we found a place to park. Cheryl laid out in the sun, and I took my Timex IronMan Triathalon Trainer (aka watch) for a walk, first in the water and then down the beach. Still learning to use it, but I did get in 32 minutes of decent cardio. Even pausing to snap about 150 pics along the way, I still managed to get in about a 2.4 mph pace; and how could life get better than walking in soft sand along the beach.

Cheryl and I are looking through the 250+ photos and we have some we will be showing you over the next few weeks to illustrate how to enjoy Rule #2 - Exercise. And if you saw our late post yesterday, we also know how to Eat Right and still eat good.  Great lunch at The Rusty Pelican (awesome food, service). Be sure to check them out. We highly recommend them.

Am I an Ironman? Why, yes. Yes, I am. I have a Timex Iornman Triathalon GPS Trainer to prove it.

Tomorrow we are staying home; chores to do, fire up the gas grill and throw some steaks on. Which reminds me I need to order some more steak. TTFN GTG GTD 4 TLOML

PS: Cheryl, today was the bestest day of our 31 years. Good conversation; sightseeing; and all special because you were with me. And guess what? Dr. John just told me that FedEx picked up our new Journey Gym's. We need to find a place to shoot video of you and me getting ripped. Finally, I should be able to look as good as you do.

Don't forget the sun screen!

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FastJack said...

Nice day for sure! "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors good times," (paraphrasing a little) so am I sinning since I am so envious of you and Cheryl? ;-)I think not, I am just setting goals...thanks Doc!